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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Last Minute Shopping for Christmas 2008

Yesterday I went with Rachel for a last minute Christmas shopping spree at Mid Valley Megamall - KL. I wasn't feeling very well but since Rachel wanted to see this year's decors at Mid Valley, I forced myself to go. I was the navigator. She doesn't know KL that well and had never driven to Mid Valley before. Rachel said that I was a terrible navigator... sigh... We didn't get lost or made any wrong turnings so how could she have said that???!!! sheeeeech..

Oil palm trees along the highway. It was so windy and the palm trees were leaning to one direction.

We hit the highway at 8.50am and arrived Mid Valley at 9.45am. At this time there were ample car park spaces. We chose one nearest to the entrance of the shopping mall.

The decors at Mid Valley. I have posted some pictures of this year's decors at Mid Valley but these were taken from another angle.

A picture at The Gardens. I think I look a little pale here and I don't think you can see that my left eye is a little swollen.

We shopped for like almost 6 hours. We wanted to leave at 3pm, but ended up leaving only at 3.30pm. So much to see and so little time. We didn't want to get caught in the 5pm after office hours jam.

When we left the building, we were very much surprised that the jam had already started. There were just too many cars. We had to make a huge detour round the mall to get back to Seremban.

The Sungai Besi toll gate which would lead to Seremban.

We reached Seremban at 4.45pm and went to Jusco Seremban and continue some minor shopping there.

Later, I went with Rachel to her mother-in-law's place to help decorate the Christmas tree. Yes, help to decorate. :) . Some of you may know that I don't even own a tree in my house (most Malaysians have fake Christmas trees and we use the same one every year till it's brittle.. I think) and I'm not good at decorating a Christmas tree.

Let me see.... what I did was to take out the price tags from each ornament and put the beads round the tree. Rachel did everything else.

It was certainly a long day for me. I was so exhausted when I reached back home.


Anonymous said...

Cute self-portrait :)

Unknown said...

Not bad, this silvery tree...

euniceta said...

A.Chris - the decors are all new! Rachel wanted to "test it out" on her mother-in-law's tree first to see if the effects were nice. Don't be surprised to see Rachel hanging up the same decor in her tree next year.