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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Security is Tight At GH Seremban

Based on previous experiences in GH (General Hospital), outside the visiting hours, one can only visit after 9pm.... that's for night time lah. I'm not sure about morning. The visiting hours for weekdays visits goes like this -

6.30 - 7.30am
12.30 - 2.00pm
4.30 - 7.30pm

and for weekends and public holidays -
12.30 - 7.30pm.

Continuation from my previous post - I'm about to rant, so please bear with me. :)

We went to Mctc's house to collect some personal stuff for his mother, then went to my mom's house for dinner. At slightly after 9pm, we headed back to GH.

We reached the hospital at 9.18pm. We were so surprised to see a long queue at the security counter. We had to get passes to enter the wards and the security personnel (let's call her Z) who was handling the passes was super slow.

For every person who wanted to visit someone in the ward, Z had to radio the security guard on the particular floor to check if the patient really needed an extra hand or if there were other family members around to help so that there wouldn't be any need for this person to visit the patient. Some were allowed but many were denied entrance to the wards.

When it came to our turn I let Mctc explain the situation. The conversation were all spoken in Malay. He told her that his mother was warded at 5pm and he was here to bring her personal stuff to her and I was there to help clean her.

Z radioed the guard (let's call her G) at the 6th floor and ask if there was anybody looking after the patient. G at 6th floor said there was someone there with the patient. When we heard that, Mctc said to her that there was no one there and he just wanted to go up to bring the things up to his mother. Again, she radioed 6th floor and asked G to check properly as the family member down here (meaning Mctc) confirmed that there wasn't anyone looking after his mother. G confirmed again that a family member was looking after her.

Z glared at Mctc and said that he was not allowed to have a pass and asked him to return the next morning at 6.30am. She wanted to write him off, but he tried his case again saying that there really wasn't anyone up there and he just wanted to bring her personal stuff to her and clean her.

Z then spoke to G and said that she would allow only 1 person to go up and immediately we asked Z to allow me to go in too because Mctc would need my help. I voiced out to Z saying that I was there not to visit but to clean Mctc's mother. Z kept insisting that there was someone up there and she only allow 1 person to bring the personal stuff to the patient. I was mad and her, but I told Mctc that if he needed help, call the nurse.

After a few minutes, Mctc called from 6th floor asking me to go to the counter. G was on the line with Z asking her to let me into the wards.

The conversation goes like this :

G : Please allow the girl to go up. There is no one here to look after the patient.

Z : No, I have given permission for only 1 person.

G : Please allow the girl to go up. I repeat, please allow the girl to go up.

Z : No, I won't allow. The son said that he only wanted to bring her personal stuff up and I have given him the pass. She doesn't need to go up.

This went on like a broken record till Z finally said :

Z : She doesn't want to go up. (Dia tak nak)

I was furious and said " I want to go up".

Z immediately looked up at me and said, "You told me just now that you didn't want to go up???" in an angry tone.

I said " Just now I said, I didn't come here for a visit but to help clean the patient".

Z then issued me a pass to the 6th floor.


And you now how long it took for me to get that pass to attend to Mctc's mother? Let's see, I was there at 9.18pm. When I finally reached the 6th floor, I immediately checked my watch. It was 10.05pm . More than 45 minutes!!!!

I think something ought to be done with the current system. It used to be better.


Unknown said...

i suggest you write in to the management; the hospital needs to have a balance between its security concerns and the patients' needs for care and visits by families and friends...

euniceta said...

Oh, well.. um.. you know how bad my BM is lah.

Unknown said...
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