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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sg. Lembing, Pahang

Road Trip to Kuantan - 28 March 2009 - Day 2

Sungai Lembing is a tin mining town developed by the British in the 1880's. This a small town which once boasted having the largest tin mine on earth. The tin mine was managed by the Pahang Consolidated Company Limited, (PCCL). For more info on Sg Lembing's history, click here.

This is the food court in Sungai Lembing. Behind the food court is the market (pasar). Nope, I didn't go in there. I was surprised that Minch didn't check out the market.

When we got near the food court we noticed the blue canvases indicating that there was a morning market near the food court. Our car was parked there and we had decided to have our breakfast first before removing the car out from where it was.

8.40AM - Here we are again at the same coffee shop. This time Mctc ordered Milo and I ordered Teh-Si. I think Rach had Milo again and Minch wanted 100-plus (Isotonic drink).

Mnch and I had won tan mee for breakfast, Rachel had 3 pieces of fried brinjal with meat and roti canai (indian bread) and Mctc had flat rice noodles and 5 pieces of yong tau fu. We were all very hungry after the climb.

The quaint town of Sg Lembing. Most of them had wooden walls.

And most of the shops were closed. Probably the town's too small to sustain businesses.

We went to the museum (blog later) and after that wanted to visit the crystal place. Not sure what it was and what to expect.

How to get to the crystal place...If I'm not mistaken, it is after the museum, keep left, and follow the road. You'll come across this thing (pic above) right after the museum. Some kind of mining machine I think.

The top pic - this road leads to the crystal house, but we found out from others that it was closed that day. We spotted this bridge on the way to the crystal house and saw a group of people who climbed Bukit Panorama with us that morning on this bridge and asked them what was over the other side.

They said they bought some honey and uncooked noodles.

The bridge looked solid.

The village houses on the other side of the bridge.

The bridge was strong enough for a small bike to go through. I must say, we were worried when the motorbike passed us while we were on the bridge.

A row of shop houses greeted us when we step off the bridge. Mctc bought honey from a sundry shop. Cost him RM27 a bottle. He spoke to the shop keeper in Hakka, a Chinese dialect only they could understand.

We couldn't find the noodles, so we head back to Sg Lembing town again.

Minch spotted a shop where they sold kaya puffs. Many customers were in the shop. The shop keeper was also selling some kind of wood where when you boil it it would err... I think cure or prevent arthritis. Hmm. not sure about that.

I managed to take pictures of most of the kampung (village) houses when we left Sg Lembing. Some looked really run down and others were quite well-kept.

Back to Kuantan town. Beautiful oil palm trees along the trunk road.
We stopped by Gua (cave) Charas on the way, but didn't go into the cave. Hmm... sounds kind of weird. Let me rephrase it..

On the way back to Kuantan, we saw a tall cave sticking out from far away. Since it was only 4 km to the cave, we decided to check it out. When we were approaching the cave, we saw a sign saying that we had to pay RM2 if we wanted to park the car. All of us didn't want to go into the temple (There was an Indian temple in the cave), and so we decided to leave the place.

For directions to Bukit Panorama, Sg Lembing, check out my post dated 4/4/09 (2 posts after this).


Ruth said...

The wood must have been birch bark?

ViveAlive said...

Many nice people come from Kuantan :-)

euniceta said...

Ruth, not sure, I wasn't concentrating on that the man was saying. And it was in Chinese.. so... :)

Vive - Yup, so many NICE people is from Kuantan. Where were YOU when we were there? :)

sobri said...

Hey there...i have local friends from Sg. Lembing itself and planning to operate a small business related to tourism... i was thingking some kind of eco tourism product..

as a tourist what are things you like to enjoy in such a place but was not available so that you will stay a bit longer coz i myself have explored lots of wonders in sg. lembing together with my local friends and would like to have tourist to experience the same.

take care

Anonymous said...

Ai yo RM2 ringgit you want to save and miss Gua Charas. Its one of the main attraction la...I have been there a few times.....ai yo yo malu lah