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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Aunt Mary

Three days ago, a group of us had supper with Uncle Chow and his daughter - Soon Peng. Basically they wanted to thank the people who helped so much during the funeral.

The atmosphere was easygoing with smiles on all of our faces as we remembered (talk about lah) Aunt Mary.

Soon Peng told us that they (the family) are very assured that Aunt Mary is in heaven. There were 2 dreams after her death. On the day that she passed away, Uncle Chow's brother's wife dreamt that Aunt Mary called and told her that there were durians (Aunt Mary love durians) in her freezer and ask her to go and take them from her house. True enough, when she phoned the family, they said there were indeed durians in the freezer.

The second dream was through Aunt Mary's granddaughter or Soon Peng's daughter. She dreamt that Aunt Mary, smiling and looking very much younger, was in a big place, running towards her other daughter who died a long time ago.

The family was so happy, knowing that God assured them that Aunt Mary's with Him. This is truly a happy funeral; happy because she had touch our lives one way or another and brought blessings to everyone who met her. Even the neighbour, 2 doors away from their house (the next door's vacant), was touched by the songs we sung during the funeral.

I hope to be able to do the same, to touch lives and bless others. I can't cook, but I'm learning how to bake. :)

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