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Thursday, September 11, 2008

What do people do when they are on MC?

Last week, one of my friends SMSed me at about 10 +AM saying that she was in the hospital. She wanted to know whether I was keen on having lunch with her later. I was working on my computer and declined her invitation.

On Tuesday,my sister called up and asked if I wanted to go to Tesco with her. She went to work in the morning but wasn't feeling well so she went home to rest. In fact she had food poisoning over the weekend and was still weak on Tuesday. She said that she would feel more sick if she stayed in the house. So yeah, we went out to town first, before going to Tesco. While we were in town, she went to do some banking and errants, while I went to the dentist. My 3rd visit to the dentist this year.The last time I went to the dentist was in May 08. I had problems on at least 2 teeth. I filled one up and extract the bit of my tooth that was broken. I have to go back again after a few weeks to cap it.

Yesterday, another friend called up and asked if I could follow her to Seri Kembangan to get some medication for her grandma. She (my friend) was on medical leave. So yeah, I went with her and got to sit in her new Toyota Altis. :)

So when you are on MC, what do you do?


@nne said...

stay at home and rest like we rightly should! body needs to regenerate, that's why it fell sick in the first place!

mfwrachel said...

Yeah.. MC = sick and need rest. aiyoo.. And some ppl go to KL and not visiting me while I was in KL (Bkt. Bintang) area. At least we can go to Pavillion and act rich... aiks... When will I go KL again?? It's the other side of the world for me...

euniceta said...

Some people get more sick when they REST at home. :)