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Thursday, September 25, 2008


Mctc's sister and family from Australia is here for 2 weeks. As usual, they will stay in the younger sister's house and as for transportwise, this year Mctc's gonna lend them his 14 year old Proton Wira and he will use my mom's car.

After 3 days of casual driving, Mctc's car power steering had some problem. Thank God they weren't planning to go outstation that day. I understand that this was a rare problem.. I mean... whoever has experienced a power steering wheel that refuse to turn??!

So anyway, the car had to be towed to the mechanic. Later he found out that the gearbox had to be changed too... This is another rare car problem. It's not even an auto car!!!

According to BW, Mctc's brother-in-law(sister's husband), he said that the car is dead and Mctc should think of getting a new one. Apparently, his version of dead is "when the maintenance becomes too costly". Mctc's version of dead is...... when the car finally breathes it's final breath". As long as the car can start, it is not dead.

Mctc told me the 2 versions of dead... and I concluded...

BW version of dead means.. the car have to be sold quickly in order to avoid heavy maintenance. Mctc's version of dead means... the car is in critical condition stage, like in the ICU, I said, in between dead and burial. Much maintenance is needed to revive the car's engine.


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