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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The fan that moved on it's own

I love cold weathers. In Malaysia, it's always HOT and humid. But sometimes after a good downpour, the air will be cool and clean and that's what I call a perfect weather. :)

Last Saturday, the weather was perfect... :) The sun called in sick and did not appear for the whole day. It rained and the wind was blowing fresh air into my working(craft) room.

I open the top window panes to let the clean air in. Okay, for those of you who haven't seen this room before, I used to have a semi transparent blue curtains for these set of windows. The sun had bleached it to a different tone and the rain added some brown stains making the once trendy curtains look old and faded. I threw them away some 3 weeks back intending to replace them with new curtains which I bought a few years back. As you can see... the windows are still not dressed. The new curtains are with someone now who is using it as sample to make another set of curtains. :)

So, as I was saying, the wind was blowing so hard into the room that the fan was turning on it's own. It's not often I see this happening. Usually, the fan in this room would blow at level 4, but today, I was so cold until I off the fan and got to witness the fan moving on it's own.

But while I was enjoying this day, some other parts of the country were badly affected by the heavy downpour. I didn't feel so good after reading this article.... but then it was Sunday when I read it, and I'm glad to have enjoyed Saturday without feeling guilty. :)

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