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Monday, September 29, 2008

What? It's Christmas already?!

I went to my mom's house yesterday for dinner. Lo and behold. the Christmas tree is up!!!

It's only September!! We have to pass 2 major festivals, Hari Raya(celebrated by Muslims) and Deepavali (Celebrated by Hindus) before Christmas. My mom claims that she is quite busy from October right up till Christmas!! She's taking part in the Christmas Musical this year too and that takes up a lot of her time.

These are only part of the decoration. She has many more boxes of Christmas trimmings and decos accumulated from the days of Abraham.(1970s and 1980s).

While we were all chatting and/or karaoke-ing Christmas carols, my father started putting up the lights. He did it all by himself in less that 3 hours.. and yes, he did it with the lights on.

Most of the light bulbs were re-cycled from previous years.. some spoiled and my father painstakingly tested all those bulbs with his whatchamacallit machine.

I think the tree has more than 2000 light bulbs.

I can foresee a higher bill of electricity. :)

After the lights are up, it's time for my mom and Sze-En to decorate the tree. Sze-En is really all out to help my parents in decorating the house for Christmas. Thank God for her.. otherwise I would have to be around to help out... hehe.

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