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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cookie treats

Whenever I go to a bookstore, I like to check out the cookbook section.. especially books on baking. I'm just so fascinated with them... sometimes I know I won't make full use of it, but the thought of buying it now and someday I will try it thinking made me purchase them.

Here are some of the cookie recipe books that I owned.

I especially like baking cookies that taste nice.. something chocolaty and buttery.

This a the big little book of cookies (16cm tall X 12cm wide X 6cm thick, containing 1001 cookie recipes) which I bought from America 2 years back. It cost me USD7.99. I haven't tried ANY of the recipe yet. I will.... someday soon.

And this is the latest cookie book which I bought from Borders recently. It's a Better Homes & Gardens recipe book, and I think the cookies would taste good... yummy.. I will try some of the recipes soon and will distribute out on a Sunday... if it's nice lah.. :)

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