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Thursday, September 18, 2008

I baked a cake for the class

Yesterday just before leaving the classroom, Simon asked, "Are you going to bake cookies again?". I said "See how, I need to check if I've all the ingredients first". Then I continued "Do you like cakes? Maybe I'll bake one". He said "Yep, Cakes are fine" (Not his exact words).

So during the lunch break, I baked the easy chocolate chip cake. With the help of Esther, my mom (my mom just wanted to see how I made the cake, but she did help too) and Tusi, I managed to put and mix all the ingredients together in 20 minutes. The baking took a long time. I was running late. Class was scheduled to start at 2.30pm and the cake was still not ready at 2.20pm. By 2.27pm, I just took the cake from the oven and cut 20 pieces out. Esther was already in the car waiting for me.

We were like 3 minutes late for class. I immediately put the cake containers on Simon's table. Everyone went "Wah.. Simon...". Simon was so embarrassed that he told them it was for everyone. So after the lesson, everyone had a piece, some 2 pieces. The lecturer took the first bite and exclaimed.. "Wow, It taste good. Are you selling? Do you have a shop or something? Can I order?" And another classmate asked the cost of 1 cake. He wants to order too.

Now.. if only I can make good muffins!! :(

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@nne said...

ahhhh never bring for us to eat in office.