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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Thanksgiving Party

I was at a thanksgiving party today. Pastor Sally HAD cancer. She went for chemo the last 6 months and wanted to thank those who helped and encouraged her during her "down" time.

It was also the actual day for the Lantern Festival (also know as the Mid Autumn Festival or Mooncake festival). The FAMILY (uncles aunties, cousins, nephews, nieces) was also invited.

Most of the main dishes were catered.

The desserts were made by different people.

The day before, I was on MSN with Aunty Chris. She told Pastor Sally, she wanted to make/bake something. Then on MSN, Aunty Chris asked if I'm making anything for the party. I told her that I planned to make chocolate brownies. Then she said... okay lah... then she will make jelly. Then I skyped Rachel and told her what Aunty Chris and I wanted to make. Rachel also thought of making something, so I suggested her to make jelly, then Aunty Chris can relax. So Rachel agreed and I MSNed Aunty Chris to tell her that we would do the desserts for her. Rachel also thought of making cutlets. She was longing to eat one that day.

So today at 2pm, I went to my mother's house with my baking stuff. I started on the chocolate brownies while Rachel asked Tusi (my mother's domestic helper) to prepare the cutlets. Then she went home to make caramel.

After the putting the chocolate brownies into the oven, I started on a new recipe - Chunky Apple Molasses Muffins. I always wanted to master making good muffins. So far, I haven't succeeded YET. :(

So while I was making the dough for the muffins, Rachel came and started making jelly.. well, Tusi did most of the work, because Rachel also wanted to make Lemon Tart. My mother came into the kitchen later to help with the cleaning up and washing.

My muffins were all ready, waiting for the chocolate brownies to come out of the oven, when suddenly I spotted a cup of sugar... gosh... I forgot to put sugar into the muffins!! No wonder it didn't taste sweet when I tested the uncooked dough. I was too lazy to take them out from the mould, so for the first round, I poured some sugar over each mould and slowly stir them into the dough. The second round, I just left the sugar on top of the muffins and baked them.

The muffins didn't turn out as good. If you like Apple Pie, well, that's how it taste like, but the texture is like a sticky cake.

So all in all, we did 6 desserts in 3 hours. And no, of course I didn't bring out my not so good muffins.

Rachel's lemon tart and cutlets turned out very well. My chocolate brownies were also very good (I think).

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