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Friday, September 12, 2008

Teeth problems again

Yeah, I had a hole in my tooth for a few months already, even before the Mt Kinabalu trip. A few days ago, one of my other tooth was giving me pain, even when I touched it with my tongue. I went to the dentist on Tuesday to get them fixed. When it came to my turn, the nurse (or assistant) called me by my sister's name. I corrected her saying I'm Eunice. She replied.."the card here says Rachel." Fine, I thought, I didn't want to argue.

This is my 3rd visit to the dentist. The first one was in April, the second time was in May. I was suppose to go back to him after 3 weeks, but I procrastinated.. until now. Both sides were giving me pain and I couldn't chew properly. So back to my story...

The dentist did a permanent filling on my tooth and checked on the other tooth - a molar. He confirmed it was cracked and the tooth had to be extracted. He gave me 3 jabs and proceeded to remove the cracked tooth. He didn't remove all, just the bit that was loose and filled the rest of my tooth with temporary filling. Then he asked whether a root canal was done on this tooth. I couldn't remember. (did too many root canals on my teeth). He checked my card.... and I told him.. that card did not belonged to me. I'm Eunice not Rachel. He then asked the nurse to bring the correct card.

You know, sometimes people call me by my sister's name and I wouldn't bother to correct them. This time I did and it's a good thing that I did, otherwise I wouldn't know the nurse had the wrong card and the dentist would be checking or operating on the wrong tooth.

One day later, I could feel the part temporary fillings coming off. I foresee a 4th visit to the dentist in the "near future". "Near" as in I need to visit the dentist ASAP, and "future" as in I'm going to procrastinate again.

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