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Monday, September 8, 2008

Home Grown Guava

This is a how a guava tree looked like. Spotted it in front of Jian's house. So now you know where to get guavas. Which reminds me... I do have a mango tree but it's not bearing any fruit.

It did bear some last year, but it dropped before it ripened. MY good neighbours helped me to trim the tree every now and then.

My neighbour planted a papaya tree in her house and recently she gave me one of it's fruit. Not so sweet, but who's complaining. It's free. :)

And if you want to eat rambutans, just be extra nice to RW. :). This a picture of the rambutan tree after the season. They chopped down some of the branches because it was getting too big.

One of these days I must go round and take pictures of all the Malaysian fruits and how it's fruit tree look like. A project I most likely would procrastinate. :).. Ah.. well...

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mfwrachel said...

Nice to me?? Not me. Should be extra extra nice to mom. All fruit trees belong to her. Of course, if those treat her daughter well and the daughter tell mom, I think will benefited too. Don't believe? Ask around and find out... ;)