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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

ICQ anyone?

It's been a LONG while since I last used ICQ. A long long while. I thought it's no longer available, but a quick search in goggle shows that ICQ is still surviving. Some of my old friends are from the days of ICQ and mIRC chat. And if some of you can remember the Excite chat was quite popular too.. with virtual chat rooms and avatars and you can see people (avatars) moving from one place to another... and if you don't like that chat room, you can go to another one..

A few days ago, I decided to download the ICQ program to see if there are any major changes. It's basically the same, but the layout is different. More colourful.




Suddenly..... what's this?

Change my devil? What does it mean?


It's actually changing the profile picture. Gosh... what a way to phase it...

Doesn't sound so nice.. I wonder who came up with it. I stop exploring after that.

A closer look. Hmm...

I have to add people before chatting to them.. like msn. I've entered 2 names to "chat", but there's no response.

It's definitely not like skype with the "skype me" mode.

So let's see if it's anything as interesting as skype. I sure miss the "knock knock knock" and "slam" when friends come online and offline. But I do have the "knock knock knock" as my message tone for my mobile. :)


@nne said...

woh ICQ!! havent heard that since.......................

euniceta said...

Yeah.. since...gosh. I'm feeling so old right now :(