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Friday, September 5, 2008

Icons that have gone blank

A few days ago someone's laptop had a problem. After downloading a program and later uninstalling it, she encoutered these problems : - Low on RAM and Black Boxes of icons on her Desktop.

After troubleshooting it for more than an hour, we gave up. Yesterday, I was goggling these problems and came up with the solution.

For the RAM problem - Control Panel, Systems & Maintenance, System, at the left hand side click on Advance System Settings, Advance, Performance - click on "settings", Advance, under virtual memory - click on "change" and tick system manage size, click on ok.
Credit goes to this link.

For the Blank Icons - under Appearance and Personalisation, Display settings, change from 32 bit colour to 16 bit colour. Click Apply. The black boxes should be gone. Then restart your computer and change it back to 32 bit colour.
Credit goes to this link.

This is my first time goggling for answers and I am extremely proud of myself.. hehe.


Anonymous said...

this is good. you know how to google and looks for solution. good job.

euniceta said...

hehe.. yeah, can save some $$ too if you fix it yourself.