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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Breadman's Honk

Last time when we were staying in Seremban Garden, my siblings and I would wait for the "breadman" to arrive in front of our house. He drove a van and and by the time he made his way to my house it would be about 6-7pm. His honk was music to our ears.

Usually we would buy a loaf of bread every day and a bread bun which we called "sweet bread" every now and then and the breadman would write the expenses for the day in a little book. My mom would settle the bill at the end of the month. Sometimes we would get permission from my mom to buy junk food, which she allowed from time to time. I still remember, a loaf of bread cost RM0.55 and half a loaf of bread - RM0.30. Our bill for the month would come up to RM25 - RM30.

Now that we are all grown-up and could buy anything we want from the local supermarket, we weren't too excited about the "breadman" and his goodies anymore.

But hey.... it looks like Sze-En is experiencing the same feeling as we did last time when she hears the breadman's honk. The difference is, my mom allows her to buy ANYTHING she wants. Even when Sze-En wasn't there to choose her brain-damaging junk food. my mom wiould make sure that there was at least 5 20grams packets of junk food in the house or she would replenish the supply. Fortunately only I would observe these things. Sze-En's mother would freak out if she knew that my mom was constantly feeding to Sze En's addiction. :)

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