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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Melbourne - Day 5

Melbourne city was too big to cover in one day. I wanted to see the Fitzroy Gardens, but I never got to walk that far. :(

Today, we went to the city solely to visit the Queen Victoria market. As usual, BV sent us out. In fact, he dropped us at the market itself.

The place was awesome. So many things to see...

So many types of fresh vegetables...

... and meat... all kinds of meat...wow! I have never seen anything like this in Malaysia.

There's a proper name for this section. I just can't recall. I just call it the bakery section, where they sold edible things like bread, pudding, yogurt, candies... etc.

Lots' of cheese too..all kinds of cheese... never heard most of them before...

The souvenir section, or, the proper term - "general retail". I love to shop here. I bought 2 soft toy wombats for myself here.

We had a drink first before shopping. I had my usual hot chocolate, and Mctc, his latte.

Later, after shopping for 3 hours, Mctc had his 2nd drink and a light meal. The sun was shinning brightly, but the weather was cool enough for us to sit outside. Lovely weather. Temperature was probably 17C.

I went to the bathroom, and when I wanted to wash my hands, I thought the tap was sensor-operated. I put my hands underneath the tap but no water came out of it. Someone beside me told me that I had to use my knee to push the knob at the bottom. This is new to me. Later I taught another person how to do it.

We were supposed to leave the city by 11.30am, but there were just too much of the market to cover. We left 1 hour later and walked to Melbourne Central to catch the train back home. Mctc's sister, De, was supposed to pick us up at the Nunawading station. Fortunately, we were given a local mobile number to use and when we left Melbourne Central, we called her and was told to get off the train at Box Hill instead.

We shopped in Box Hill. De took us to buy some thermal underwear. Then we went to Coles and Safeway supermarket to look for my sister's Kraft peanut butter and my other sister's husband's chewing gum.

Mctc had a go at his sister's BMW. We went to pick Po and Te Shing from school and later,send them to their violin lessons. Had to wait 1 hour 15 minutes in the car for them to finish their lessons. In Malaysia, people would not do that. They would probably go for yam char (have a drink) or do something worthwhile rather than to sit in the car and wait.

We had roasted lamb for dinner. It was delicious. Yummy.

As usual, I slept later than everyone else. Was with my laptop, downloading pictures.

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