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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Melbourne - Day 2

We only arrived yesterday, and by the time we went to bed, it was already almost 3am in the morning. As usual, when I woke up, I checked my mobile phone for the time. It was slightly after 8am. I told myself, "not bad, can still wake up early". And then I realized I didn't set my phone time to the local time. Melbourne is 2 hours ahead of Malaysia. It was already after 10am. I quickly got up and washed up.
Being in a new place, I had to do a little adjustment. I think everyone does when they are at a new environment. I put on my left contact lenses first. Brrr.... it felt cold. After putting on the right contact lenses, I washed my hands. I thought my vision was a little bit blurred, so I blinked a few times and to my horror, I realized that I didn't put the right eye contact lenses properly, and it probably was still stuck onto my finger when I washed my hands. I panicked and looked everywhere for it. In the end I gave up. Thank God I brought a spare pair. :)

We left the house at probably 12pm to take Po (Mctc's older nephew) to school for his High School Musical practice in the Methodist College.

I thought this was nice, the tiled murals, painted by 6 year-olds.

This Wesley college campus is the biggest of the 3 in Melbourne.

We went to Springvale and had Vietnamese food for lunch. Uncle Chow had been promoting Vietnamese noodles every time he comes back from Australia. The portion was big. It was about AUD8 per bowl. I didn't manage to finish all the meat. I love the noodles though.

We didn't do much today. After lunch, we went to a Christian bookstore, and then back home.

It's autumn over here, and some of the trees were getting colourful. :)

Just before dinner, Te Shing (Po's younger brother) wanted Mctc to play some games with him. I think Te Shing won all the games. Shame on you, Uncle Mctc.

We had dinner at home. Mctc's sister is a great cook.

At night, Po set up my computer so that I could be connected to the WIFI here. He is only 10 going on 11, but he is really smart. He showed me a club, something like Facebook, but this is for kids called club penguin. He got his 6 year-old brother to get online too and both of them met in a "room". Both of them had msn so that they could chat to each other. See, the club penguin had a child safety features where it only allowed you to say certain words like "hi" bye".. etc. If you were older, you could chat by typing what you wanted to say. There were games too which made the club interesting.

I went to bed at about 1am and set my alarm at 7.45am, Australian time, the next morning.

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