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Monday, May 18, 2009

Things I Brought Back From Melbourne

I went to Melbourne with an intention of only buying 2 pairs of hiking shoes (one for me and the other for the twin), an autumn jacket for Rach, 4 bottles of Kraft peanut butter for people and chewing gum worth AUD50 for my sister's husband.

I came back with more than a dozen wool socks (for my next winter trip), 2 fleece jackets (one for me, one for the twin), 2 pairs of hiking boots (for the twin and I), 14 packs of chewing gum, 5 bottles of peanut butter, 1 bottle of 750gms hazelnut spread, 2 pieces of branded kitchen trivet, 1 branded can opener for my mom, some chocolates and tim tam for friends, a bottle of mixed herbs (it's very cheap over there), some souvenirs for friends, a couple of wombat soft-toy for myself, 3 pairs of branded scissors for me and my sisters, a note book, a story book and lip gloss for Sze-En, 8 non-battery-operated torchlights for friends and family... what else....

Mctc's sister, De bought a 3-litre can of olive oil and a 1kg bottle of manuka honey for me. The olive oil was on offer. It cost only AUD29.99 for the can.

De and BV (De's husband) asked if we could take back 14 bottles (500ml each) of olive leaf extract for their relatives in PJ. 14 bottles were too heavy, so we said would only take 7 bottles.

I wanted to buy some nuts back for my family and friends, but our bags were overweight. Next time lah. :)

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