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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Melbourne - Day 3

No more contact lenses episode, Thank God.

We woke up at 9am to get ready for church. Te Shing (Mctc's 6 year-old nephew) had Sunday School at 10am - 11am, while the adults attended the 11am church service. We had breakfast at MacDonald's while Te Shing was in Sunday School.

Just before 11am, we stepped into the church, a Baptist church called Calvary Baptist Church. It was Mother's Day, and each mother was given a corsage.

The choir gave a special presentation to the mothers.

We sang hymns. We were given a book of hymns each and sang 3 hymns that day. I kinda enjoyed the singing session, something different from my church.

After service, we picked Po (the brother of Te Shing) from the Wesley College and had lunch at Box Hill. This time we had Shanghainese food. Really love the dumplings and noodles there.

After lunch, Bee Wee, Mctc's brother-in-law, took us to Geelong to meet Eddy and Christina, our Malaysian friends who emigrated to Australia 3 years ago. It was about 1 hour 20 minutes to Geelong and I slept off and on in the car. Mctc drove all the way to Geelong. He wanted to have a feel of what it was like to drive in Australia.

This is Eddy and Christina's house. A big house, I would say. Love the design. Made me wish I was living here too. The thing I love best in cold countries (apart from the weather) is the pantry. We never could have one here because of the cockroaches, house lizards and ants.

Christina prepared dinner while Eddy took us to Gee Long's water front. It was really beautiful. The sun was setting. It was about 5.30pm.

We saw a lot of all these statues. There's a name for it... starting with B. Let me check it out.

There's a Thomas train too. A good place to bring your family and have picnics here too.

We had dinner at 7pm, chit-chatted till 8.10pm and headed back home. Didn't sound as though I did much, but it was a long day for me. I slept at 1.35am and set the alarm to 7am the next morning.


@nne said...

it's called Boloks. I saw them too. I liked that pier. so nice and peaceful!

Christina said...

It's not Boloks but "Bollards". :)