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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Melbourne - Day 6

We woke up at 5.30am. Yup, we were on a vacation but had to wake up earlier than normal days. BV said he had to leave the house by 6.30am and we decided to follow him out again. We wanted to go to the city and take a train to Geelong to visit Christina and family.

We reached the city at 7.15am. The weather was usually colder in the early morning. Mctc suggested having our breakfast in Hungry Jack's. It's something like Burger King's. They have whoppers and all.

As usual, Mctc had coffee and I had hot chocolate.

After breakfast, we started walking towards the Southern Cross station. We were told 2 days ago that we could take the train to Geelong from the Southern Cross station.

We passed by the Welsh church.

I was holding the map... and yes, I managed to lead the way without any wrong turns. :)

We reached Southern Cross station at 8.20am. The day before, I went online to check the timetable. I remembered wanting to take the train at 9am. I think the fare was cheaper from 9am onwards. It cost us AUD 6.40 each, one way.

We were 15 minutes early and so we waited for a while.

At 9am, the train left for Geelong. We saw the countryside... but I didn't see much because I took a nap. I didn't have enough sleep every night, and this morning, we had to wake up extra early. Probably slept for 4-5 hours the night before.

We reached Geelong station at 10am. The train ride was about an hour. We waited for Christina, but she didn't turn up. Earlier, we called Christina's husband, Eddy, telling him that we took the 9am train instead of the 10am one.
At 10.20am, I called Christina, and she said she just got the message from Eddy. She came about minutes later.

Christina planned to take us to the Great Ocean Road today. Since Mctc wanted to see the country side, Christina suggested that she would drive there but coming back, she wanted Mctc to take the wheels. It would be too dark to see anything anyway, she reasoned. :). Mctc had no problems with that.

We packed some sandwiches at Subway. There was no eatery at the 1st stop at the 12 apostles. Christina suggested we eat in the car so that we wouldn't waste time. Hmm.... sounds like a Malaysian talking... :)

It was cloudy. We were afraid it would rain.

We saw sheep. I can cancel one country off my travelling list. There's no need to visit NZ anymore. :)

... and cows too. The sky was bright over this side.

Long way more to go.

Milk farms along the way..

And finally, after a toilet break at Colac and 2 hours later, we reached the Great Ocean Road.

Picture above -
1) The 12 apostles
2) Loch Ard Gorge
3) Port Campbell

More of them in the next post.

We left Port Campbell, our last stop, at 4.45pm and reached Christina's house after 6pm. Eddy was already home. He was frying the rice. Earlier on, Christina gave instructions to Eddy to start roasting the chicken in the oven. Eddy thought the food was not enough and so Christina fried some eggs too. It turned out that it was more than enough.

After dinner, Mctc watched a movie with the family, while I bathe and later went online to check my emails.

We slept at 12am. This is the earliest I slept since I came to Australia.

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