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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Refrigerator Smells

The day we left for Melbourne, Mctc told me that he switched off the main electricity switch. I was like "What?! Why did you do that for? We have food in the fridge". He completely forgot that we needed electricity for the fridge. Not wanting to spoil the vacation mood, I didn't say anything more about it. I don't cook much, so there wasn't much food stuff in the fridge.

When we returned home on Saturday, Mctc opened the fridge. Gosh... the stench that came out was so strong. I was too tired to do anything at the moment.

In the evening, Mctc and I threw all the stuff that went bad. We had some carrots, a couple of capsicums, some leaf vege, chicken sausages, fish fillet, ice-cream, butter, condensed milk, nuts, chocolate chips and dried noodles and pasta.

We threw everything except the nuts, chocolate chips and the dried noodles/pasta.

I put 3 bowls of bicarbonate of soda to take away the odor, but the bad odor is still there. My next move will be "airing" the refrigerator . Sigh..need a place to store the nuts and all.

Today, for the first time in many years, I cooked instant noodles without any meat or vege in it. :(

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