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Friday, May 8, 2009

Melbourne - Day 1

Our flight to Melbourne was at 1.40pm, but we woke up early because my cousin volunteered to take us to the airport. He had to be in the Bangi Court by 9am to attend a hearing. The other lawyer didn't turn up after an hour and so he decided not to wait for her.

We reached the LCCT airport at 10.40am, checked in and had breakfast there.

We boarded the plane at about 1.10pm, hoping that they would take off on time, and yes they did. This is my first time taking AirAsia X and I was kind of nervous, don't know what to expect. I have used AirAsia for local flights and one to as far as Chiang Mai - Northern part of Thailand.

The interior of the plane. I was surprised to see a LCD screen in front of me, since this was a no frills flight. Later I found out that if I want to watch a movie or listen to songs I had to pay RM30 for the service. I wasn't interested in it because tt wasn't that long a flight, I wasn't interested in movies anyway and I had a book with me.

As long as I had the "journey" screen, I'm fine. I loved to see where I was at the moment, and how long more to reach my destination.

I sat by the window and was rewarded by the change of colours in the skies. It was beautiful.

Taken at 2.46pm, Malaysian time.

Spotted the moon. Picture taken at 5.36pm, Malaysian time.

Taken at 5.45pm, Malaysian time.

Taken at 5.49pm, Malaysian time.

They served us late lunch at 3.15pm. This was pre-ordered. We had nasi lemak, a bar of kit kat and a 350ml water for the price of RM15.

Much later, we found out that we could chat with other passengers via the LCD screen. This was something new to me. I have not seen it in other airlines, or probably I didn't explore much during then.

We landed at 11.20pm, Australian time and was hit by the cool weather in Melbourne. Nice! Probably about 10 degrees Celcius or less.

It was a good flight. I don't mind flying with Air Asia X again.

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