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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Cough Will Be Visiting For a While

Normally when I have cough, flu or fever, I would just drink lots of water to regulate my body temperature.

After I came back from Australia, I developed a cough and sore throat. I had low fever for only 1 day, and that was the day I came back from Australia.

I wasn't very worried about my condition because I knew that I didn't drink enough water while I was in Melbourne. But because of the Swine Flu epidemic worldwide, I thought I better check with a doctor.

I returned to Malaysia on Saturday, 16th of May. My temperature was at 37.5C. The next day, my temperature dropped to 35.7C. On Monday, it went up to 36C and on Tuesday - 36.5C.

Feeling a bit worried that I would not be able to get well before my Ledang climb this Saturday, I decided to go and see a doctor. It was such a long time since I went to a clinic or hospital for my health and so I asked a friend for advice. I wanted to know whether to go to a clinic or to the general hospital.

He advised me to go to a doctor who was working in the Kuala Pilah general hospital. This doctor was one of our Kinabalu climbers last year. So I smsed this doctor for an appointment.

On the way to Kuala Pilah, we (Mctc was with me) passed by Ulu Bendul. That was where we climbed Gunung Angsi last year.

We reached the Kuala Pilah GH at 11.15am. With road blocks and road works, it took about an hour to reach there.

Thanks to the doctor, I was treated like a VIP. I didn't need to fill up any forms or wait for my number to be called. I went straight into the doctor's office. He checked and advised me to go for an x-ray to check my lungs. He knew that my cough could last for weeks and up to 2 months and he was worried I may have tuberculosis or something else.

So I did the x-ray, and it showed that my lungs were normal. Phew!

He prescribe me with a bottle of something to gaggle and some pills to dilute the mucus in my throat.

I were given the "fast lane" number when I collected my medications from the pharmacy. I only have to wait for a few minutes before my number was called.

I went home with a happy heart, not so much of me having a relatively clean bill of health, so to speak, but I was comparing this GH with the Seremban GH. The staff here are more friendly and there were less patients here. The nurses looked happier here too, so unlike the grumpy ones in Seremban GH.

Now, if only I can convince myself that I could climb Ledang this Saturday, with my chronic cough and all....

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