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Friday, May 15, 2009

Melbourne - Day 8

This is the only day we woke up late. I think I only woke up at 9.30am. This was our last day in Melbourne.

Mctc's sister, De, took the day off. The 3 of us, Mctc, De and I went to DFO (Discount Factory Outlet) for our last minute shopping. We went out with De's husband, BV, who dropped us off at the Southern Cross station. DFO is next to the that train station.

I bought another pair of hiking shoes - a pair of Timberland which cost AUD140. I bought a couple of fleece jackets too and some branded stationeries.

We had lunch in the DFO building itself and after that we continued shopping. This place made me think of Minch. She and Matt loves to buy discounted branded goods. I think this place would suit them well.

We shopped the whole day!!!!

We took the 5pm train back to Nunawading and walked home. It was only a 15-minute walk home.

When we reached home, I quickly pack both Mctc and my bags. I noticed that Mctc was having a serious chat with his sister and I didn't mind packing his bag for him since I wanted to put some things there too. (Got motive.. haha). We had a bathroom scale to check the weight of the bags. Mctc's bag was about 6kg over weight. We asked De to lend us a light-weight hand-carried bag and stuff it with the extra 6kgs.
Our return flight allowed us to take the maximum baggage weight of 20kg each and 7kg each for our hand luggage.

At 7.45pm, we went to an Italian restaurant called Sofia. It's very well know for its generous ingredients and large servings.

The place was half-packed with customers.

The food was yummy. I was careful not to eat so much because I had developed a couple of mouth ulcers the day before. After dinner, we went to pick Po up from school. He is involved in his school's musical and the performance days were approaching. He was there today for practice.
We shot straight to the airport after picking Po. It was a good thing he came along because he knew where the AirAsia counter was.

We had to weigh our bags again. My bag weight was 18.6kg and Mctc's one was 20.7kg. The attendant wanted to weigh our hand carried luggage too. Mctc's bag was slightly after 8kg and mine was 8kg. I had my laptop in my bag which took up about 2.5kg. I don't know what else was inside the bag. :). The attendant did not charge us for the extra 2 or 3 kgs. If she did, it we would have to pay AUD10 per extra kg. God is good.

We had a drink with De and family and said our goodbyes.

While getting our passports checked and stamped, my passport got held up. The immigration officer asked me to follow her to another location where she placed my passport for another officer to check. The officer checked and returned my passport to me without saying anything. I wondered what was wrong but didn't dare ask.

AirAsia (airline) was punctual. We boarded the plane at about 12.15am. Our flight was to take off at 12.45am.

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