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Thursday, May 7, 2009

They Didn't Tell Me About That Bank

I did all my errands and finish whatever work I had to do yesterday so that I could stay home today to clear my hard disk space and pack for tomorrow's trip. Whenever I go for short trips or vacation, I like to pack a few days beforehand.

Yesterday, Mctc and I accompanied a lady to the Welfare Department to collect her portion of money. To cut the long story short, we didn't have proper documents and our trip to the department was in vain. We were told to come back the next day. We spent more than an hour fetching her from her house to the Welfare Dept and then back again to her house.

At 10.30AM today, we fetched her from her house to the Welfare Department again. We saw so many people waiting to get their allowance. The person we spoke to the day before was updated by someone and we managed to get the lady her allowance. We were also advised to open a bank account in a certain bank and copy the bank details to the department by the 15th of May.

Fine, I thought to myself. We should be able to settle the banking and return to the Welfare Department within an hour.

How wrong I was.

We reached the bank at 12.49pm. Our queue number was 1094. They were serving number 1038 at that time. We filled in whatever forms they asked us to fill, but couldn't complete 1 form, which is the beneficiary's particulars. The lady wanted to put her daughter's name, but she couldn't remember the spelling. So we had to fetch her back to her house to get her daughter's ID card. We had our lunch first before taking her home.

It was pass 2pm when we arrived back at the bank. They were serving number 1055 at that time. I was hoping we could finish by 3pm, but no!!! There were only 2 counters open, but only 1 clerk was working full time. The other was not often at her place. And they worked at snail's pace. Gosh!!!! Thank God I brought a book.

Anyway, we were there till 5.25pm. I really don't understand why they took so long for each customer. This has got to be the slowest bank in the whole of Malaysia. I know I shouldn't have said that, but they took almost 5 hours to attend to less than 56 customers. They skipped some numbers because some customers were fed-up of waiting.

We send the lady home, explained to her about why we had to open the bank account and all those rules and stuff she needed to do or follow. Then we did some banking ourselves and reached home at 7pm.

I still haven't done the things I wanted to do today. Going to do it within the next hour..

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Unknown said...

such noble deeds will definitely be rewarded....one day. "Don't be weary in well-doing, for in due course, you will be rewarded..."