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Monday, May 11, 2009

Melbourne - Day 4

We planned to visit the city today. Mctc was excited. This was his first trip to a Mat Salleh's country and he was curious about the lifestyle here.

Mctc's bro-in-law, BV fetched us out to the city. We left the house slightly after 8am, and reached the city by 9am.

We went to Starbucks for breakfast. I can't remember how much Mctc's cup of coffee was, but it was cheap (if you don't convert to RM lah). Probably AUD2-3 only. I ordered something similar to vanilla creme, but they gave me vanilla-flavoured coffee.

After breakfast, we went to look for the Flinder's Street Station. I made plans with Christina to visit her on Wednesday, and probably stay a night at her house. I wanted to know how to catch a train from the city the Geelong, where she lived.

With a map in my hand, we started walking towards Flinder's Street Station and at the same time, got to check out the retail shops along the way.

Very few skyscrapers here. The city centre is very well planned. Any tourist can come alone and not get lost. The people here are friendly.

We walked so much.... because I read the map wrongly (Just like me to do so). Mctc had to rely on my eyes to see the small print of the map. Occasionally I will point where we were on the map and where our destination was.

Oh, we made plans to meet up with David Yeow, a church friend in Seremban who was studying in Melbourne. We met at Melbourne Central, just opposite the state's library.

David took us to his apartment. It was located in the city. We just had to walk a little bit more than usual.

David was here to get his Architectural Degree. The picture above was one of his past projects made entirely out of corrugated cardboards.

Yes, we got the see the autumn trees. :)

This is a sundial.

Just stand on the number which marks your height level and look at your shadow. The sun dial showed slightly after 1pm when I stood at the 150cm mark.

We wanted to try the Italian pizza here. Bro Chow told Mctc that if he tried the pizza here, he wouldn't want to eat the pizzas they served in Malaysia. We walked so much, that when we reached the pizza shop, Mctc had to take off his jacket.

We went to a nearby park to have our pizzas. 2 large pizzas. Looks good, smells good, tastes good too. We bought some drinks from a 7-11 nearby.

David took us to his Uni. Melbourne University and from there we parted. The autumn trees really looked beautiful there.

So much of walking... Mctc said he wanted to have another cup of coffee. So for the 2nd time that day, we went to Starbucks. This Starbucks was on another street.

After that, we started walking back to Flinder's Street Station to catch a train back to Nunawading.

The Federation Square, located opposite Flinder's Station.

Lots of birds.

The Yarra River just after the Federation Square.

We left the city at about 5pm and reached Nunawading by 6pm. BV came to take us back home. We had home-cooked Chinese dinner cooked by Mctc's sister.

At night, we spent time with the family and later after 11pm, I was with my laptop till past 1am.

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