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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dumpling Day

I was in my mom's house when Auntie Annie came with 2 packs of dried bamboo leaves, 1.5kg of glutinous rice, some uncooked meat and a pressure cooker.

I was surprised to see Aunt Annie at that hour (it was about 5pm). It seems today was "dumpling day" and Auntie Annie came to to make the dumplings (nyonya style) in my mother's house.

We washed the leaves first.. not sure why we had to do that because we were going to boil them anyway...

Since we had limited time, Auntie Annie suggested boiling the leaves to make them soft pliable.

Next she cooked the meat and boiled the rice.

Then she taught us how to fold into a triangular-like shape and fill it with glutinous rice, meat and a small piece of pandan (screwpine) leaf.

Then we hung the dumplings.. not sure why we had to do this too since the next step was to place them into the pressure cooker.

My mom brought out her pressure cooker so that she could cook more dumplings at the same time. With 1.5kg of glutinous rice, we could only make 40 dumplings.

Ahh... this is how the dumpling looked like after being in the pressure cooker for more than 1/2 hour. It tasted so delicious. yum-yum..

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