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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Two Sundays ago, I went for a walk in the Lake Gardens with my sister. While we were walking, the sky grew dark and we knewit was about to rain. Fortunately, it only rained after we have completed our rounds. It only rained for a while then it stopped.

On the way back to my parents' house I told my sister that we would be a rainbow today and true enough, at the next bend, we saw the rainbow. It was a long rainbow. I don't see this often.

The next day, the rainbow appeared again. I can't remember it rained that day, but this rainbow was more beautiful that the day before and it was another long rainbow... as far as my eyes could see. i was in the car when I took these pictures.

And did you noticed the 2nd rainbow? It was very light, so light that Mctc had to point that fading rainbow to me.


korpun said...

There should always be two rainbows, the second one rarely is clear enough to be seen well.

euniceta said...

My weather books says that a secondary rainbow sometimes appears above the primary bow when light is reflected twice off the back of the raindrops.