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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Melbourne - Day 7

Did I set the alarm clock this morning? I think I did. I woke up at about 8am. 8 hours of sleep.. wow. That's the longest so far during this trip. I stayed overnight at Christina and Eddy's house in Geelong.

The picture above -I slept in the room on the left. On the right is the 2nd living room. Opposite my room, there's another room which was converted to a study/working room. The desktop computer lived there. This is the whole of upstairs.

Downstairs comprises of 3 bedrooms, bathooms/toilets, 1 living room, 1 music room (not really, but don't know how to describe it), 1 laundry room and kitchen/dining room.

These toys belongs to Adelia...so many soft-toys!!!!! *Envy

The front yard.

The backyard.

.. and the garbage bins. 3 bins, 3 colours, 3 meanings. Green is for stuff like grass... (Ha! I can only think of one item), the yellow and red, I can't remember which is which, but I think one of them is for pure rubbish, the other, recycling. Each house is given a timetable where the garbage truck would come and pick certain coloured bin at a certain day.

We had breakfast in Christina's house at 9am. Then we went out with Christina again and this time Adelia came with us.

Christina wanted to bring us to see the koalas and the kangaroos.

On the way, we saw the countryside again.

With Christina driving, and Mctc sitting in front at the passenger seat, I was left behind to play with Adelia.

We reached Jirrahlinga at 10.15am. This is some sort of a mini Australian-animals-only zoo.

We saw the koalas and kangaroos and much much more. Check out the next post.

After Jirrahlinga, we went to look for my sister's stuff and also for my other sister's husband's chewing gum. At the same time we went packed fish and chips for lunch.

We went back to Christina's house to eat.

Got a chance to take pictures of her pantry too. When I first saw it, I fell in love with it. In Malaysia, people don't usually have a pantry in their house because of all the insects and house lizards.

Here's a supermarket, (either Coles or Safeway) which allows you to scan the items you want to purchase and place them in plastic bags. You then swipe your credit/debit card and the supermarket personnel will check your signature against your credit card, if you are using a credit card lah.

After that, we went to "Ray's Outdoor", a shop which sells all the outdoor stuff and I noticed they also kitchenware, so it's not solely outdoor things.

I bought a pair of hiking boots there. I was supposed to get another pair for Rach, but I wasn't sure whether she wanted to try a higher cut shoes.

Later that night I skyped her and she told me to go ahead and get a pair of high cut boots.

Christina had to pick her son up at 4.30pm and after that she fetched us to the train station where we caught the train back to Melbourne City.

At Southern Cross station, we took a train back to Nunawading.

Later we had dinner at the "Happy Cook", a restaurant famous for Peking cuisine. Naturally, we had peking duck and some other dishes. I was too shy to take pictures, so no pictures of the food.

It was a good meal. Regret not taking pictures of the food. After dinner, we went to Coles supermarket to buy some ice-cream for the kids. I got some chewing gum here for my sister's husband.

This is ten-going-on-eleven Po with his tablet laptop provided by his school. I chatted online with him for a while, even though we were in the same room.

I slept at 2.30am.... the latest so far for this trip. Probably I knew that I don't need to wake up that early the next day. :)

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