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Monday, September 15, 2008

A & W

I joined the guys today for dinner... and later to A&W's.

I had a glass of rootbeer double scooped.. (suppose to share.. but everyone had too much ice-cream).
Eddie and Steven had Tidal Wave. Cost RM10 each. Steven shared with Philip, and Eddie shared his with Michael and I.
We were slowly feeling full... too much ice-cream.
It's all gone in 1/2 hour (I think). A&W has this rule, you can park your car for free for the 1st hour and if you have accumulated receipts of more than RM5.00.

So everytime the guys have their supper at A&W, they would keep check the time. It's really not worth it to pay parking at A&W. There are ample car parks at A&W and at 10 or 11PM, it's so strange to see a car park attendant checking if we have satisfy the requirements for a free 1st hour parking.(Duh!)

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mfwrachel said...

Where's mine??? I told you I want also, didn't I??????