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Friday, May 29, 2009

Penang Hill a.k.a Bukit Bendera

Standing at 830mtrs high, this hill is a favourite place to visit, both tourists and locals alike.

This picture was taken at the top of Penang Hill on the 29th of May 2009. It was either hazy or misty which prevented us from having a good view of the Penang city.

The entrance to the Penang Hill. We arrived here at 9.30am after a so-so only breakfast (We had Char Kuey Teow - I had expected the CKT to be much better than Seremban's).

I think this is my 2nd time to this place, the last was about 20 years ago.

There were 4 of us - Matt, Minch, Mctc and I. We chose the return fare of course.

Our train was scheduled to leave at 9.45am. Not sure why, but the train only left at 10am. There were more people than usual. Probably because it was the last day of school for this term.

We had to wait like 10 minutes before the train started moving. Minch was concerned that the train might be overloaded with people till she read a signboard in the train saying that the maximum load was 80 people.

View of Penang just after leaving the train station.

We are going higher....

We changed trains at the mid station.

2nd level... going higher. Mctc was wondering whether this hill is higher than Gunung Datuk or not. It was also quite steep and took 20 minutes (train ride only) to arrive at the top of Penang Hill.

When we reached the top, the first thing Matt did was to get himself a can of coke.

Things to do/see...

Checking out the place..

A model of the train. It's just for show.

Some food and souvenir shops for tourist spend their money.

Steps leading to worship sites. There was an Indian temple, a Buddhist place (not a temple) and a mosque.

There were 2 hotels and some restaurants here too. I spotted a post office, but I don't think it's operational.

Lots of big spiders here.

Big spiders and some poor flies got trapped in the spider web.

I don't believe it!!! Why is the canopy walk closed?

11.32am. Time to go back. Oh, the weather here was quite cooling and breezy.

Going down...

Reaching the foothill. The air was no longer cooling. It was hot and humid.

Penang Hill.... hmmm.... should try hiking here one day.


CalvinBoey said...

yea, should try hiking here. there are 2 ways to hike up, either thru the jungle trail or walking the tar road or combination.

euniceta said...

have you tried hiking here before? Hmm... one day must organise a hiking trip here. I'm sure it is "sup sup sui " (easy-peasy) for you leh.