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Thursday, May 21, 2009

My New Hiking Shoes

Check out my new hiking shoes.

I found them in the DFO stores (Discount Factory Outlet) in Melbourne. For a very long time I had been looking out for a good pair of hiking shoes. The ones which I always wore were meant for jogging. My sister got them from America when she was there in 2005. She bought 3 pairs of Nike Air.

I've used the Nikes for all my climbs, but the grip is not good. I went over to Melbourne with the intention of getting a good pair of hiking shoes. I couldn't find any in Malaysia, or rather, it was not common to get a pair of hiking shoes for ladies here in Malaysia.

I'm thinking of wearing them to the Ledang climb this Saturday, but it would be a big risk. A few days ago, I went to the Lake Gardens to test them out. I walked for more than an hour and it was quite comfortable. Hmm.... should I or should I not? I wore the Nikes while I was in Melbourne and I must have walked too much because my toes were hurting.

I think I will wear the new shoes to Ledang. Messner and Sirdar would lecture me, but I think it is more comfortable hiking in them than the Nikes. :)


Anonymous said...

Now you found real hiking shoes! Congratulations! I've always wondered those "shoes" you used for climbing.

KK said...

for hiking should be okay but not for 'kai kai'

euniceta said...

Korpun - most of the people here don't wear proper hiking shoes unless they are serious climbers.

Keong - I thought of using it for kai kai also wor, seeing that I won't be doing much climbing.

korpun said...

But you ARE a serious climber!

euniceta said...

Korpun - I am so not a serious climber. I'm too afraid of leeches to be one and Malaysia has plenty of them.

Spencer said...

Wow!! It's nice hiking shoes!! You have great choice!!

euniceta said...

yup, I love the shoes.