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Monday, January 19, 2009

1st Cell Meeting for the Year 2009

I could smell durians when I entered into Dr Peter's house for cell two days ago. We had a short discussion during cell and I for one couldn't concentrate 100 percent because of the smell of durians.

When the meeting was over, we had some Chinese noodles after that durians. I don't like sweet durians. It's the bitter ones that I enjoy. Out of the 6 we opened, only 2 were bitter.

I think I ate 6 seeds..... gosh... I regretted it so much. I've hit the quota for the year and this is only the beginning of 2009. I'm hoping that all the durians this year will be sweet. :)


Wispers from my heart said...

WAH! Soooooo nice. I also want durian.

euniceta said...

Come and get it. :)