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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Farewell to my Cousin

My cousin and her family came to Malaysia for a vacation 5 weeks ago. Today they are leaving Malaysia to Hong Kong for 3 days and then back to Canada.

Their lovely six year old daughter had a smile for everyone. Not once have I seen her misbehave. If only all Malaysian children are like her.

Yesterday my cousin's parents gave a small farewell tea party for them . It was a simple one and those who went were all well-fed with pie-tee, curry puffs, some malay kuih, egg sandwiches, scones, prawn crackers, egg tarts, siew pau and honey-due melon. We were there for more than 3 hours. Some played table tennis while others chit-chatted at the kitchen table.

It will be a year and a half when they come back to Malaysia again. Goodbye dear cousin and family.

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