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Sunday, January 18, 2009

I made pineapple tarts

I insisted on helping my mom make pineapple tarts today. She was going to make them tomorrow but I told her that since Rachel and I are free today, she should make them today. She was quite reluctant but I sort of hurried her to do the dough. Just before she measured all the ingredients, I asked her to ask my Aunt Zainab for the rolled tarts recipe. This one's with butter and milk. I've tasted it before and it just melts in your mouth.
Rachel came on time and she did what she does best... pinching the sides of the tarts. Today, I multi tasked - sometimes pinch, sometimes put the jam onto the pastry.

We started at 2pm and at 3.30pm, Aunt Zainab came over to teach us how to make the rolled tarts. She even brought her tarts mould.

I measured and mix all the necessary ingredients and started making the "foundation". Tusi put the jam onto the pastry and Esther rolled it with a plastic knife.

It wasn't that difficult. We could only make less that a hundred tarts for 1 recipe. After we put the 2nd and last tray into the oven, Aunt Zainab suddenly remembered that the top of the tarts had to be brushed with egg yolk. Rachel and said we weren't that fussy and we just left it as it was. We managed to finish doing the tarts at 5.15pm and went for our evening walk at Lake Gardens. When we came back, my mom said that the 2nd tray was slightly burnt but as far as we're concerned, it tasted delicious.

This is my 2nd attempted of making rolled tarts. The first was a disaster. This time around, Aunt Zainab was here to guide me. I have a feeling that I will try this recipe again, so for those who don't mind being my guinea pigs, and if the timing's right, you'll find yourselves blessed with a bottle of rolled tarts. :)


Anonymous said...

Yummy! I might volunteer as your guinea pig :)

Unknown said...

I want a bottle....emmm....i can smell the buttery tarts and even 'taste' it. oK, now, you can teach me how to make this type of tarts...

euniceta said...

Korpun, you should, but you'll have to be here to eat them.

A.Chris... when my mom makes the next round of jam, I'll make sure you have a bottle of tarts. :)

Jian said...

Me want be a guinea pig...=P

euniceta said...

Jian, I will remember you when I bake these again. :)