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Friday, January 16, 2009

A Pleasant Surprise

Last Sunday while we (Rach & I) were about to start our evening walk in the Lake Gardens, something dropped from the sky right in front of us. My first thought was... thank God we were a step slower, otherwise it would fall right onto our heads.

We looked for the thing (expecting it to be bird's droppings) that fell onto the ground and was surprised to see an empty egg shell. We started looking for the bird's nest. After a few seconds we spotted it. It was quite high up and took me a few shots to get this picture.

The egg shell was so small. Rachel stuck out her thumb for comparison.

I thought this was a silly thing to blog about, but hey, I don't see this every day. :)


Anonymous said...

That is not a silly thing. Life is full of small wonders! Wish you had the bird in the picture too!

euniceta said...

The nest was way up high. I had to zoom to capture this picture. I saw the parent flew to get some food for the little one.

Anonymous said...

High! Can't you climb up to the tree? I'm so interested in birds :)
(maybe next time!)