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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cutting my Grass with a Pair of Home Scissors

I have not cut my grass for ages. This is something I hate to do because there are some garden worms in it and it gives me the shivers just to see one. The weeds grew tall and proud and the grass, scrawny and ugly. I didn't want to take a picture of it because the garden looked so untidy. It's really an eyesore.

Last Saturday, I didn't go for my usual morning walk. I thought of cleaning my house, but just didn't feel like doing it. I felt so lazy. Then I opened my front door and saw my untidy patch of grass and weeds. The sky was overcast and I thought hey, this would be the best time to do something about it. I went to get a pair of multi-purpose home scissors and my garden gloves. I started putting out the weeds, the ones that stood tall and proud. After some time I got fed-up of pulling one weed at a time, I started pulling chunks of weeds and grass at the same time.

After pulling out like 75% of the weeds on one side of the garden, I took out my grass-cutter machine. I pressed the handle and nothing happened. There was no rotating sound. I tried a few times and even fixed the cable to another plug point but it wasn't working. Feeling frustrated, I started using the multi-purpose home scissors to trim the grass. It took me about 3 hours to cut all 4X20 feet patch of grass.

I needed to send the grass-cutter machine for repair and guess who I sent it to?

Why, my dad of course. He's quite good with his hands and can almost fix everything. I remembered once, when I was very young, he fixed my broken earrings. And in those days when there was an electricity failure in the area, our house would be the only house lit with fluorescent lights.

So, he dismantled the grass-cutting machine, checked the motor and told me that there was nothing wrong with it. The fault could be at the plug, and I might have to change it.

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