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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The King's Palace

Any tourist who takes the 1/2 day tour in KL will be taken to the King's Palace as part of the tour package. Many Malaysians do not stop at the King's Palace just to take a couple of pictures. I have passed this place many times but I don't think I have actually stopped and checked this "place of interest" out.

Last Saturday, on the way to SSF (a home decor store), Minch, Rachel and I stopped at the King's Palace. It was an impromptu decision. We were on this road, I think it's called Jalan Istana (direct translation - Palace Road) when suddenly one of us mentioned about making a stop here to check out the place. And so we did.

To tell you the truth, it wasn't that interesting. We can't even see the palace. Just the gates, guards and 2 horses.

There weren't many tourists at that time (they were leaving when we came) and we managed to snap some pictures with the guards and horses.

Minch and I. Most of my pictures are taken with Minch. I forgot to take a picture with Rachel. It's okay lah... lately, many people have been telling me that we look alike.


Ruth said...

I love this picture. I printed it! And nope, that is you not Rachel.

Anonymous said...

Horses! I expected to see elephants, that would be cool :)
I have seen the president of Finland Nordic walking in the park with her husband, just like anybody else. Err, your King wouldn't do that?

Heh, cute self-portrait again!

euniceta said...

Hey Ruth, the resolution is very small. I can always email you the pic. :)

Korpun - Elephants..hmmm... not a bad idea. Have to break down the walls to fit the elephants in.
I haven't seen any of our Kings in person before and I don't keep track with their activities. :)