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Friday, January 9, 2009

Mee In My Mug

Two days ago I was sorting the 2008 digital photos for my family members and friends. I started from 10.30am till 11pm or so. Believe me.. it was tedious. I had to check each photo (like a few thousand pics) and save them into individual folders.

I cooked a simple lunch, ate it at 2pm and hoped it will last till bedtime. At 10pm, my stomach was growling. I went downstairs and spotted this :

Mee-in-my-mug. Yes!!! I was boiling some water to pour it into this plastic cup when I suddenly realized that hey.. I'm going to pour HOT water into a PLASTIC cup. I have heard about the dangers of drinking hot drinks from a plastic or styrofoam cup. No no... so what did I do?

Aha! I'll transfer the noodles to this bowl. I bought 2 of this bowl from Mid Valley. It's stainless steel and it cost RM 29.90 for 1 set (bowl and cover) and RM 50 for 2 sets. I even bought the soup spoon too for RM8.90.

This is my first time having a mee-in-my-mug in a proper bowl. :)


@nne said...

wats the point of having mee in my mug in a bowl? lol

euniceta said...

better safe than sorry :)