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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Old Handphone

My Nokia 8310 has lasted me for almost 7 years. I bought it for close to RM1300 in April 2002. It was so expensive at that time... now it's worthless. I like this phone very much and it suits me perfectly. Mid last year my sister and a few friends told me that sometimes they had to call a few times to get through to me. I had another number, so sometimes they called me by that number if the first one was unreachable.

So what did I do? Complained to my brother. He is very good at getting 2nd phones for a very reasonable price. Most of our phones (my family) were sourced by him. In December, he called me and said that there was a 3G,camera & blue tooth (my criteria) phone available for RM250. Immediately I said ok because my phone was already "acting up".

Yesterday, he presented me with the new old phone. It's a Nokia 6680. Much more bulkier that my old 8310, but it'll do for now.

I reached home at nearly 12 midnight and started doing this : -

Keying all my contacts into excel. I had over 300 contacts and it took me a while to finish typing all of them. I was determined to finish this task before I went to bed. It was almost 3am when I was done.
My sim card only had about a hundred odd contacts and the rest was stored into the 8310 phone. Now I have to key in all the info into the Nokia 6680... sigh..

I need another 2nd phone for my 2nd line. I am currently using A.Chris' old phone which is even older than my 8310. I think it's 8210, aka the butterfly phone. Anyone willing to donate? :)


Ruth said...

just in case you haven't got my contact I will email it to you! I recall exactly what your old phone looks like...funny what we tend to remember.

euniceta said...

I have your contact number. I've written it down and also stored in the other phone.