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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Girls Day Out

It all started when Rachel said she wanted to go to this boutique to get some work clothes. It was a public holiday in Malaysia (29 Dec) and all of us were too tired to think of shopping in KL.
Minch called for breakfast but I declined. Later I called her to come along with us since she had nothing better to do.
We spent about an hour plus at the boutique and Rachel left with close to RM300 poorer. We called RW for lunch but she declined because she was in the midst of washing her car.

After that we had lunch at the Hongkie Kopitiam in Jusco . It wasn't that great. I had fried spaghetti with fish and mushroom sauce, Rachel had baked cheese rice and chicken and Minch had some pork chop rice with vegetables. We shared a French peanut butter toast which was so oily.

Later we went to Tesco to continue our shopping. Some may say... what a waste of time, but I would say it was a good time of bonding with Minch and Rachel.

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