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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Deck the Streets with Chinese Lanterns

I spotted this scene on my way to work. A man was hanging Chinese lanterns in Jalan Murugesu, near Singapore Street. For a moment I stopped and stared at what he was doing. Then I realized that something was wrong with this scene. Most of the time people would do these things only at night when there was less traffic.

At about 6.45pm I heard Chinese New Year songs blaring out of nowhere. I was still in the office and the music was loud enough to penetrate through the closed windows. I hurriedly finished what I was doing and at 7.15pm, left the office to check out the newest happening in town.

The Singapore Street and the surrounding area were all decorated with Chinese lanterns. Hawkers were seen setting up their stalls. This place used to be dark and gloomy after 7.30pm, now alive with lights, music and people. I will definitely check out this place again next week.

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