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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another CNY Treat

I had class this morning and on the way we stopped at Ah Seng's coffee shop again. I had teh-si (tea with evaporated milk and sugar) and 2 pieces of steamed bread with kaya and margarine. Esther had pre-packed nasi lemak and a glass of water.

Matt and Minch came 5 minutes later (didn't plan to meet them) and they sat with us. They ordered their drinks and when the drinks came, 3 of us fought to pay for the bill. The wife of Ah Seng (we call her Ah Seng Soh) wasn't too sure who to take the money from, and so she decided to treat us. For a moment we were stunned. It's not the tradition of this coffee shop to treat their customers on the fourth day of CNY.

Later after class, I found out that my parents and Sze-En had breakfast in the same coffee shop and Ah Seng Soh also treated them.

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