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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Feeding the Birds


I went to my mom's house yesterday. Sze-En was with an exercise book trying to memorize some Chinese characters. Apparently she was going to sit for some Chinese spelling test tomorrow. My mom was with her on the swing... doing what she normally do... accompanying Sze-En whenever she does her homework.

After some time, Sze-En said, "Where are my feathered friends? Why are they not coming to eat the bread that is on the grass?"

I looked around and suddenly realized that there were actually pieces of bread thrown all over the lawn. And what more.. the ants were happily eating them.
Later I asked her what made her think that birds eat bread. She replied, " Tt says here in my book" and promptly took out a Disney magazine for me to see.

I read and asked her to put some seeds out too, maybe the birds preferred seeds to bread. We rummaged the refrigerator and found a packet of sunflower seeds. She put some on a small plate and laid it out on the grass.

I guess we'll never know if the birds came or not because it rained shortly after that.

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Anonymous said...

Some birds love seeds, some bread and some may eat ants. I would be interested in seeing those birds, probably Sparrows or Mynas...