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Friday, January 2, 2009

2009 New Year's Day

I woke up early, baked 2 cakes went out with Matt & Min Chee for late lunch and landed myself in my mom's house.

At 5.30pm, Esther was trying ever so hard to get Sze-En to go to Pasar Malam with her. Sze-En said she had some home work to finish. BTW, Sze-En dislike doing homework and would always take a very long time to finish it. And she wasn't even doing it and suddenly when Esther asked her to accompany her to the night market, Sze-En promptly took out her exercise book and started writing.

Pictures - Sze-En pleading and trying to think of the many reasons why she shouldn't go to Pasar Malam with Esther. Esther wouldn't take no for an answer and Sze-En rolled her eyes and got reprimanded for her action.

After Pasar Malam, we went back to bathe and at 7.15pm, we went to Aunt Annie's house for the New Year's celebration.

There were about 40 of us. The food was good as usual.

Aunt Annie cooked Port Dickson chicken and fried cabbage.
Aunt Zainab cooked her famous beef rendang,
Aunt Chris cooked pork chop (so delicious and it went off so fast)
My mom cooked pork meatballs and fried mixed vegetables.
Aunt Annie's friend cooked chicken curry.
Aunt Annie bought capati.
Aunt Sally baked apple crumble.
Aunt Pang baked coffee marble cheesecake.
Rachel made konyaku jelly
and I made the brownies.

Joelle played violin. Shes such a sweet girl, always smiling and when she makes mistakes, she doesn't stick out her tongue like most Malaysian children.

At almost 12am, we watched Ratatouille till 1.15am. It was more for Joelle and Brian's benefit but my mom and I watched with them. We left after the movie.

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