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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

CNY treat

Today, after visiting Mctc's mom in the hospital, we went for a drink at this coffee shop called "Ah Seng".

We are regular customers there and every 3rd day of CNY the shop owners will treat us. Meaning that whatever we order, it's on the house. I don't think any other shop in the world would do that right? Hmm.... must do a survey. I know that here in Seremban, at least 2 coffee shops will do that if you are a regular customer. Usually they have a special day (during CNY) where they don't collect money from their customers.

BTW, I had a glass of iced milk tea (weather was so hot!) and 2 steamed bread with kaya and butter. That was my lunch.. well, not quite because Mctc ordered a big plate of Hakka mee (different stall, had to pay for this) and I stole one fourth from him.

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