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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Shopping in Low Yat

Last Saturday, Rachel, Min Chee and I went to KL for shopping. All three of us had some birthday discounts vouchers at SSF, a home decor shop at Jalan TAR. We spent quite some time there and later hopped into the SOGO shopping mall for some light shopping.

Then we went to Low Yat Plaza. My blank discs and printer ink were running low. I went to my usual shop - Future Technology. I asked for Imation blank DVDs but he ran out of it. So I chose Sony.

To my surprise, there's a bonus DVD movie in each 50-pack disc. I wanted to buy a hundred blank discs and there are only 2 movies to choose from so I took both packs.

There's Casino Royale and Open Season. Rachel and I bought two sets of black and colour ink and some blank CDs too. The seller gave us a pack of 100 CD sleeves for free and when I wanted to pay him, he asked if I was going to give him ang pow. In my mind I was thinking... my this salesman is so rude. Do we look that old? (Earlier the sales assistant thought we were students). I gave him the benefit of doubt and said.. "what?" Then he produced these red packets from his drawer:

He gave me 3 of these packets and 2 gold ones. I gave Min Chee and Rachel the gold ones. I preferred these red ones. We were actually surprised that this shop had their own ang pow packets. So, if any of you want to get ink cartridges or blank discs, I strongly recommend this shop. The prices are slightly lower than others too. I bought the 50-pack blank DVDs for RM45, and the 100-pack blank CDs for RM53.

I went to other stores to but an external hard disk and a couple of thumb drives. Rachel bought 3 thumb drives and Min Chee bought a headset. It was worth the trip to Low Yat.

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